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Mandi Juarez
Dog: Ace

In Ace’s Own Words:

My name is Ace (formally Sunraker’s Smokin Aces RTX BN CGC). My mom rescued me when I was 4 months old and even though I was really scared and kind of sick, she took me home and gave me a chance. Once I felt better, I wasn’t always the bestest boy.

I got in trouble quite a bit, tried mom’s patience often and even ended up in the ER a couple of times, but she stuck with me. She taught me how to do lots of things and we started going to dog shows. I even visited a place called the Juvenile Justice Center and helped teach kids how to take care of dogs.

Over the years, I won a bunch of ribbons and my mom always seemed excited about that, but really, I just liked the treats and the pets when she told me I did a good job. She tells me I’m an old man now and sometimes it’s hard to move like I used to, but we still practice things together and that means more treats and more pets and that’s ok with me!