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A year in review from the Board President and Executive Director


Friends & Colleagues,
During the past year, we set out on a journey. Our journey is not one that is measured in miles, but in milestones. Our board of directors determined the roadmap to success in 2019 by creating an exciting new strategic direction for HSEC. The critical strategies for this plan are as follow:

• Safeguard the physical and mental state of animal wellbeing,
• Promote sheltering best practices throughout our region,
• Provide community education and humane awareness training programs,
• Develop a staffing structure geared toward job performance and healthy work-life balance, and
• Achieve total revenue growth of 25% by 2023.

By achieving this ambitious plan HSEC will see the number of adoptions increase tremendously while also seeing a reduction in the average length of time an animal is housed in the shelter.
Our staff and volunteers have taken the first steps on the trail to being recognized as the leaders of innovation in animal welfare throughout the Great Lakes region. The vision for this adventure has been set through careful determination of our values while keeping our eyes on our core focus – to provide compassionate care to animals while educating and advocating on their behalf.
By getting everyone involved and instilling focus, discipline, and accountability throughout the organization, we have gained traction toward reaching our goals and adopting out more animals.
We could not do it without our many friends and neighbors we have met on our journey. The road is long and there are many hills and valleys along the way, but the destination is worth the sacrifice.
Thank you for making the trip with us,

Lana Davis
President, Board of Directors

Robert LaRoy
Executive Director