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Vincent Kelly
Dog: Bayou

In Bayou’s Own Words:

I am a lucky girl that was rescued not only once but twice. First, by my mom Michelle Zeitler who sadly passed away & second by my daddy Vince & my 4 sisters; Hope & Old English Sheep Dog, Sparkie Joy, a Jack Russell (Rest in Peace February 2020), Rosie a Golden doodle & little Ellie, a Yorkie & fellow rescue.

Needless to say, my sisters & I have a great, fun time taking boat rides, playing catch & chasing each other around our backyard. Sometimes, I sneak into the trash & pull out all the good stuff (in my case, one person’s trash is definitely MY treasure).

I am so glad that I was fortunate enough to rescue 2 human beings so that I could teach them to live with gusto & enthusiasm, to live in the present & give unconditional love every day!