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Kim Bromen & Chris Hooley
Dog: Bear Bromen-Hooley

In Bear’s Own Words:

My name is Bear; but, my 2-legged cousins have nicknamed me “Big Fat Brownie”. I’m 3-1/2 years old and, according to the vet, I’m, “a mix of 2 mixes of 2 mixes”; but, according to everyone who meets me, I’m a purebred lovebug!

My mom and my canine sister, Lola, rescued me in South Carolina, after my original owner went to prison and I was abandoned. For me and my mom, it was love at first sight! It took Lola a little longer to warm up to me, but we soon became the perfect happy family.

Then, my mom met my dad. They got married last summer and, in a single day, my family grew from 3 to 7 because Mom insisted on Dad and his 3 dogs moving in with us. Now, I have to compete with 4 canine sisters and a dad who thinks he’s in charge. But that’s ok, because I’ve got my mom wrapped around my paw and one of my favorite things to do is sit on my dad to remind him that I’m #1—both in the house and in my mom’s heart.

My other favorite pastimes include snuggling with my mom, barking at the ice fisherman in my backyard, and wiggling my butt as fast as I can when I get excited—like when I meet new people or hear the word “walk”. As #1,

I’ve also instituted a family rule that mom isn’t allowed into the humane society without supervision; because, while I do a pretty good job reminding her how fabulous I am, nothing makes me more nervous than her penchant for bringing home even more attention-stealing dogs—well, that…and the vacuum cleaner.