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Greg and Christine Doncaster

Dog: Stella – 9-1/2-years old, Shih Tzu

9/19/2022 Update: Stella has passed away unexpectedly. Greg and Christine will be participating in her memory. Our thoughts our with the Doncaster family at this time.


My name is Stella Doncaster. I was wandering the street during Fourth of July, 2016. I was scared, alone, hungry and it was dark out. I came upon some kids having a bonfire in a nice neighborhood. I met this young boy, Bryan. He seemed excited to see me even though I looked a mess. I had dirt & mud on me. I could hardly see out of my eyes my hair was long and I had a small hole in the top of my head with hair missing. Have no idea how it happened. Just having a bad hair day. This boy didn’t seem to care. He took me home, cleaned me up and gave me food. It was late & time for bed. I got to sleep on his bed & he made me feel loved. I knew we were going to be best friends. I got to know the rest of the family and friends and this family seemed blessed. I don’t like to be left alone so I will go to Bryan’s grandparents. I don’t know who is babysitting who. I have been with this family for 6 years. They have given me the best of everything. I am so glad during that scary night I found my forever family. I just want other animals to know there are families out there that will love you like the love I have found.