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Jill Dusthimer

Cats: Tennessee Tuxedo, Chumley, Macky & Little Turkey

From the Dusthimer Clowder:

Hello! We are 4 brothers who are competing to be Best in Show. All of us are off the streets who lived in an industrial park in Florida. We each got saved due to our various hardships & have different stories as to how we became part of the Dusthimer Cat Clan (or Clowder…for those true cat lovers). So, it’s up to you as to if we might be worthy of being the “cat’s meow!”

TENNESSEE TUXEDO – My name is Tennessee, formal name Tennessee Tuxedo, & I was discarded by my mother at 4 weeks old…and am currently 7 years old. I was the runt of the family, & my mother had other kittens to take care of, so she kicked me to the curb. My human mom, Jill, brought me home to live with a big family of wayward cats. A week after coming to my new abode, my Grandma Lolo got sick, & I had the pleasure of coming to Elkhart for 2 weeks. What a wonderful city! Then, I got to tag along to the Indianapolis 500…didn’t get to go to the race but had a wonderful weekend in the hotel room. As I proved, I am a great traveler & got to go to Naples for a vacation away from my all my feline siblings. I even went to Grandma Lolo’s assisted living & made the residents quite happy! As I mentioned, I have a lot of brothers & sisters but actually have a certifiable twin brother who came to the Dusthimer household a few months later after having a horrible infection in his eye. We remembered each other right away, & I helped him recover & acclimate to his new environment. Chumley & I love to play, especially paddy cake, & although he may be better looking, I am much smarter & aware of my surroundings. I even had a portrait painted of me.

CHUMLEY – My name is Chumley, & I am the twin brother of Tennessee. I didn’t get abandoned by my mother, but about 3 months after Tennessee got to go to the good life in the beachside condo, I had the opportunity to have the same destiny. I was holding my own on the streets until my eye got infected & had to have surgery to get it removed. As they say, “it’s all fun & games until someone loses an eye.” However, “it’s all fun & games once someone loses an eye” when you know a Dusthimer. I got to move to paradise & have loved every minute of it for the past 7 years. I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer but can pull it off due to my cuteness. I look like a cozy teddy bear that lost his button eye. I am a free spirit & will hang with about any of my other brothers & sisters, but I really love spending time with Tennessee. He is my hero, best friend, & I am thankful that I am reunited with him again!

MACKY – My name is Macky, & I am one big love bug!! I am friends with everyone & have no problem nuzzling with & sitting on my siblings. My girlfriend is Trixie…she is a 17-year-old Hemingway cat that needed a home after her first human companion died. She is quite the cougar & loves to snuggle with me. I am the same age as Tennessee & Chumley was also living on the streets. I had heard that Chumley got to go to the land of fun once he lost an eye, & as “luck” would have it, I got into a fight  & had to have my eye removed, as well. I was living life large in my new home until I had trouble urinating. In fact, it was so bad that I almost died…again. My urine was getting crystalized, & I wasn’t able to go to the bathroom at all. As it turned out, I had to have surgery to become a “female” to make it possible to go #1. Some of my feline friends call me Macarena, but I am fine with it. I am comfortable with who I am.

LITTLE TURKEY – My name is Little Turkey, & I am the youngest of the Dusthimer Clan. I am almost a year old & love to get into mischief! I was left for dead at about 2 weeks old because my umbilical cord came off & my belly button got really infected. It was so bad that I had to have an abscess lanced off. I am really photogenic & have numerous pictures taken of my since I was a young lad. I have grown a lot in the last year but am still a little fella. However, my tummy isn’t so little, as I should probably cut down on the treats. I love to try to catch bugs on the deck but am not very good at it. Also, I am always up for a fun time with my favorite friends. I love my mom so much, as she is the only thing that I have known since I was a baby. Without her, I wouldn’t be around today. My siblings are all really great guys, & I just love learning the ropes  & trying to fit in. Due to my adorable photos, I am playing the cute kitten card to help get the vote for Best in Show. As I have heard… CATS RULE & DOGS DROOL!

So, we are the cats that have been chosen to represent Team Dusthimer… for Jill & Eric, my grandparents, & my feline brothers & sisters. We would be honored to win & hope that you will consider our family when voting. As mentioned, the four of us went from the streets to a wonderful home & were fortunate to not have to spend any time at a shelter. However, some of my siblings have come from there, & they are the most thankful of all of us. They have heard the rumors about how the Humane Society of Elkhart is doing great things for the animals that they save!! In fact, Mom’s first two cats when she graduated from college were adopted from your facility. We heard that you have had quite the upgrade since 1991. Is it true that you have a really cool cat adoption room? Wow!

Lastly, Team Dusthimer wants to mention one more thing regarding my Grandma Lolo & Papa Tom. Tom & Lois Dusthimer were huge lovers of animals & especially enjoyed helping the Elkhart Humane Society. Unfortunately, we did not get the chance to meet Papa Tom, as he passed away in 2013. I heard that he was a really awesome guy who wore some fancy pants! Tennessee & Chumley had the privilege of meeting Grandma Lolo, but Macky & Little Turkey did not have the pleasure. Unfortunately, Lois passed away last November from COVID. Jill & the family were devastated but knew that she was now in a better place with God, Tom, her parents, & my sister Diane. We are working hard to raise money for the shelter in honor of our Grandma Lois Dusthimer, Team Dusthimer wants to dedicate the win to Lois Dusthimer… Grandma, Mom, Friend, & Animal Lover. Rest in peace, Grandma Lolo. Everyone loves you so very much!