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Meet the Duthies!
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Joel and Amy Duthie

Dogs: Ginger – 9 year old, Basset/Pit Mix and
James (James Bond) – 4 year old, Yorkshire Terrier


From Ginger:

I’m Ginger, and my past life is a bit hazy. If I’m in the room while you’re hearing this story, I’m likely standing, or quite possibly sitting down, and not walking well on my leash. It’s one of my greatest stubborn qualities.

I met my family six years ago after arriving from out of state looking for a new home. I made them love me immediately by running up to the girls and laying on my back for belly rubs. I was making sure there was no way they were leaving there without me, and they didn’t! Once at my new home, I made fast friends with the cat, Mickey (a Humane Society adoptee), and settled in quickly.

I’m told I’m the best dog ever, thank you very much. When my humans were little, I’d let them dress me up… in their clothes! I have a loud bark but given a chance; I’ll greet everyone by allowing them to rub my belly. I am a sun seeker, always looking for a sunny spot in the house to lounge or outside in the sun until I’m too hot and made to come in. I love riding in the car and am highly motivated by peanut butter. I am terrified of loud storms and get scared when someone touches me when I’m sound asleep. Just please say my name first. I have no concept of how big I am and think I’m a snuggly puppy. I also defer to the tiny dog in the house all the time. He is also confused about his size (aren’t all tiny dogs?!). We are quite the duo.

James, as in James Bond, came into the family in 2018 and was brought home as a 2-pound puppy. He is full grown at a whopping 5 pounds, but he’s content to play the role of the large dog in the house. He prefers my large dog bed over his own, and I will either let him have it and cram myself into the tiny bed, or I’ll whine until someone helps me. James also loves to ride in the car. Seeing people is one of his favorite things to do. He believes the whole world is here for him and once even jumped out of the car into the CVS drive-through window. While James’ story doesn’t involve being rescued, the family remains committed to animal adoption. I (Ginger) and Mickey are the recent rescues living in the home, but we follow behind other rescued animals in our house before us.

We are grateful for the Humane Society of Elkhart County and proud to be a part of this year’s “Best in Show”.