Best in Show 2021!

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Congratulations to our Best in Show Winners!


Kip & Angie Ellis

Dogs: Chase & Teddy – 5 year old Cockapoos

From Chase and Teddy:

Chase here! My brother Teddy & I were litter mates  & have lived in Middlebury with our human family since we were 8 weeks old. It took some time to adjust, but we’ve managed to figure out how to generally get what we want when we want because they think we are so cute – go outside, more food, walks, naps, back scratches, play time, trip time… I LOVE attention & love to play ball, steal my brother’s food, bark at the TV & wildlife in our backyard. I am the athletic one & the alpha dog, but I’m a little suspicious of tall male strangers & don’t like other animals – especially horses pulling buggies! I like hanging by the lake & pool but hate swimming. Mom & Dad say I weigh about 30 lbs but I’ll always be a lap dog!


I’m Teddy and I’ve figured out I’m clearly the cutest one because they call me Teddy Bear, but my family tells me they wonder if I have a brain because I often bark & run around without knowing the reason – if Chase does it I try to one up him until he tries to wrestle me. I LOVE to sleep in  & get mad when my brother wakes me up early! While my brother eats everything in sight I’m a grazer. I often get scared (confused?) & look for comfort but I don’t like to be picked up by strangers – especially kids. While my brother loves to play ball & show off, I prefer to sit on the deck  & watch him get really tired  & thirsty! I like to steal socks but really only like getting caught stealing socks for attention! Who’s the smart one after all?