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Animal Care Attendant/Back Up Animal Control Officer

Reports to: Kennel Manager

General Overview: Animal Care Attendant is responsible for maintaining a safe and sanitary facility for animals and people and providing humane handling and care for all shelter animals. Assures all animals’ nutrition, housing and basic medical needs are met on a daily basis. Assists the public when admitting and adopting animals and promotes responsible pet ownership in conversations with customers.

Animal Control Officer – Serves as a backup for animal control services during scheduling breaks of animal control officers or emergencies. Helps enforce local and state ordinances concerning the care, use, and treatment, selling, licensing and impounding of animals. Helps provide information which may be needed to conduct investigations or inspections, responds to injured animal calls and prepares reports as may be needed. Educates the public about relevant animal regulations and humane animal care as may be needed when on calls. Collaborates with local law enforcement to address issues which may require prosecution or legal intervention.

Because this is a front line staff position working closely with staff, volunteers and the public, must maintain a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere that reflects professionalism and commitment to support the work of staff and volunteers.

Major Responsibilities – Animal Care:

1. Responsible for all duties related to the care of shelter animals to include cleaning of holding areas, assuring that animals receive food and water, bathing and grooming, helping with laundry, and providing humane handling when animals need to be moved.

2. Observes and evaluates animals for signs of illness and reports symptoms to appropriate personnel.

3. Performs basic laboratory tests and procedures, administers medications and supports euthanasia certified staff with euthanasia.

4. Helps with maintaining of information regarding animal population, adoption, euthanasia, special needs and circumstances which require attention, treatments being used with specific animals, etc.

5. Fulfills intake procedures as assigned and ensures they are carried out in a timely and effective manner and that data entry of all actions taken are maintained in shelter data base.

6. Ensures proper tracking of all vaccinations and other medical care given for each animal and carries out veterinary instructions as provided by appropriate personnel.

7. Works collaboratively with workers to achieve shelter goals.

8. Participates in team meetings to receive updates regarding procedures, discuss workplace issues and share ideas to improve animal care.

9. Keeps kennel supervisor and kennel assistant informed of supply, equipment and facility needs and tracking of inventory.

10. Assists with inventory and restocking supplies as needed.

11. Performs continual maintenance and custodial duties to include upkeep, maintenance of staff and public facilities, and laundry.

12. Performs such other duties as may be deemed necessary for the fulfillment of the Humane Society’s goals and objectives.

Major Responsibilities –ACO Backup:

1. Responds to dispatched calls in priority and determines appropriate action enforcing local and state animal laws and ordinances as possible.

2. Completes log sheets outlining daily activity and outcomes and any other paper work required for processing completed activities.

3. As needed, leaves animal welfare alerts and advises owners of violations and actions which may need to be taken. Informs main animal control officers regarding follow up as needed.

4. Coordinates efforts with other community professionals such as police officers and sheriff’s department.

5. Provides information to Animal Control Manager which may be needed in order to conduct general investigations of animal related problems such as nuisance complaints, animals running at large, livestock kills, wildlife and possible cruelty situations.

6. Provides information as necessary to help prepare written investigative reports that may be introduced as legal court evidence.

7. Ensures confidentiality is maintained in dealing with investigations and outcomes.

8. Helps with transports as needed for wildlife rehabilitation and animals being transferred to other animal welfare and rescue groups or shelter animals scheduled for spay/neuter.

9. As needed, ensures preparation of animal control vehicle for road readiness and ensures vehicle and equipment are maintained and properly stocked.

10. Fulfills intake procedures for impounded animals and ensures they are carried out in a timely and effective manner and that data entry of all actions taken are maintained in shelter data base.

Essential Functions and Skills

Good organizational skills; attention to detail; self-motivated; skills with animal first aid and CPR; performing euthanasia; basic laboratory techniques and basic animal grooming techniques; ability to temperament test animals; ability to identify animal species, breeds, ages and sexes; ability to identify signs of animal illness and injuries; ability to recognize signs of animal neglect, abuse and cruelty, knowledge of law enforcement principles and practices; knowledge of local and state animal laws and ordinances and of court procedures; skill in animal restraint and capture methods and the ability to interpret animal body language; good communication skills – verbal and written; team player; ability to work with data base and maintain records; team player; ability to work well with broad spectrum of the community; good sense of humor. All employees must be able to provide their own transportation to and from work.

Availability to work a flexible work schedule including weekends and holidays.

Must be able to manage heavy weight up to and sometimes exceeding 50 lbs.

Hours: 30 – 40 hours per week for full time

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $15.00 – $17.00 per hour | Potential raise after 90 day review

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*Updated 4-4-22

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