Best in Show 2021!

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Thank you to our Best in Show Celebrities!


Scott & Brooke Evans

Dogs: Scout-5 year old Lacy and Pippa-4 year old Goldendoodle

From Scout & Pippa:

My name is Scout, I was rescued from an open admission shelter in Texas. I was originally fully trained to be a service dog but they decided I was to relaxed to fulfill those duties. That’s when I found my parents. I now spend my days on our farm playing catch, taking golf cart rides, taking the kids to school & my favorite activity is sleeping on my parents’ sofa. I’m the most chill dude you will ever meet, to the point people think I have no personality, but I only show it to those I love.


My name is Pippa & my mom convinced my Dad to get me as a puppy after the loss of her own little dog of 13 years. I’m so glad she convinced him because I love her so much, she is definitely my person. I’m a full ball of energy who knows no stranger unless you’re a delivery driver. I love, love to play with my brother Scout, run after balls, play frisbee & swim. I also enjoy driving my dad crazy because it makes my mom laugh. I love my family with my big Goldendoodle heart.