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Janet Evanega
Cat: Flynn

In Flynn’s Own Words:

Hello all, I am Flynn. Covid has been a difficult time for me. My owner, Janet, has been at my house ALL THE TIME!! Seriously, I never told her she could hang out this much, she just started vegging on the couch and watching Netflix and Prime. And her taste is terrible in movies. RomComs!! Seriously.

Lately she has been going out a little more so there may be an end in sight. With her gone I have been able to chase that pesky sunbeam right off the screened in porch. It had better not come back if it knows what is good for it. My favorite place besides the porch is under the covers on my bed. Janet thinks it is her bed. I let her use it but she had better keep the treats coming or she will be bunking in the guest bedroom!!

Sometimes, by the time she leaves, I am exhausted! “Let’s play with Mr. Shrimpy, Flynn.”  “Check out the flying bird, Flynn.” Really?? By the time she finally leaves the only thing that keeps me going is a dirty martini and goldfish (the snack food, people! I’m a vegan not a carnivore!!)

However, if I had to tell the truth it is not so bad with Janet around. She is the only human who can scratch that special spot right behind my ears. She also stays real still when I lay down next to her, so she won’t disturb me. When she kisses the top of my head and tells me she loves me it is kind of gross, but I put up with it for her.

All in all, I guess Covid has been ok. Seeing Janet more isn’t horrible (as long as she leaves every once in a while, and I can enjoy a martini!!)