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Michael and Nada Gaeddert

Dog: Hayden – 2-1/2 year old, Husky mix

From Hayden:

I was born literally at the start of the COVID19 pandemic, our litter was an accident so we had to find homes that would take us in. My mom, who has always wanted a puppy, decided to adopt me in May 2020 since she had the time and was working from home. I am a smart pup so I learned quickly; but I’m also kind of stubborn, so I only follow commands when I feel like it. But life got really good when my mom met my dad, because he loves to play and tussle with me. I like to do anything outside where I can explore, run, or chase other animals. I’m also really fascinated by fishing, I get so excited every time someone catches one. But my most favorite part of the day is when my dad and I do our little ritual every night; this is where before we turn off the lights–we get to play for a little while before everyone goes to sleep, and then I curl up on my little dog bed next to mom and dad and call it a night!