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Meet The Havens
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Amanda and Claire Havens

Dog: Lollipop – 14 year old, Maltese
Cat: Tic Tac – 4 year old, Himalayan

From Lollipop: I joined my family 14 years ago after meeting my mom at her work. When I was younger I enjoyed helping people learn how to care for their pets and making people smile. Now my days are filled with long naps and shorter walks. I may be considered a senior, but that hasn’t stopped me from acting like a puppy!

From Tic Tac: I showed up one year around Christmas time and quickly became everybody’s favorite. My days are spent napping and protecting the house by tripping any intruder. I try to keep Lollipop in line, but she’s a pretty good girl without my help. It’s no secret, but Claire’s my girl and my world and I couldn’t be happier that her home is my home.