Best in Show 2021!

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Heather Jenks with Brecken

Meghan & Jon Wenger with Tory – 1 year old Bernedoodle


From Brecken: I was rescued when I was a year old by my loving family. My dad is Kary, mom Heather, sisters Bailee and Reaghan and brother Braiden. My family rescued two kittens after adopting me and named them Aspen and Tellie, whom I chase any chance I get. I enjoy an easy life of luxury in the City of Elkhart but turn into an outdoorsman when I go to the lake. I enjoy riding on the pontoon, but my paws can never get wet! My best friend Charlie and I like to chase balls. If I’m feeling playful, I make my way next door and ask Harry and Louie to play. When I’m inside the house, I want to be right next to my family. Where they go, I go. I love to have them pet me and I like to lick them, ALL THE TIME! After a long day of herding my people and playing with my friends, I like to sleep with my brother Braiden. Mom thinks I sleep on the floor, but after she leaves, he lets me on the bed. I love my family and wish every dog would be adopted to a fun-loving home like mine.

From Tory: Hello, my name is Tory, and I am almost 2 years old. I have an older brother, Stewart, who I like to play with, but he sometimes doesn’t want to play with me. I also have 2 human siblings, Abbey and Elliot, who I love giving morning kisses to. My Mom and Dad are so good to me, I give them hugs everyday and my Dad gives the best belly rubs. My favorite thing to do is to go on boat rides and have my ears flap in the wind. I love my family