Best in Show 2021!

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Thank you to our Best in Show Celebrities!


Cody Troeger & Tomeka Jones with Pearl – 3 month old Newfoundland

Jonathan & Cassidy Gust with Denver – 3 month old Labrador

From Pearl & Denver:

Hi, my name is Pearl. My cousin Denver & I are very excited to be here. Our moms were nervous we were going to be too naughty, & they’re probably going to be right. My parents were originally going to bring my older brother Hank. But he unfortunately crossed the rainbow bridge a few weeks ago. As sad as that made them, they were happy to have me to help fill that big hole in their hearts. Now, a little more about me. I’m a very rambunctious puppy who lives basically in the shower. It’s cold & wet in there, just to my liking. I like to pee everywhere I’m not supposed to. I bite toes & fingers…& I chew on anything in my sight. When my parents leave me, I howl & bark so loud. the neighbors can hear me. (I’m proud of that) I’m just a baby, & my parents have a lot of time to find ways to cope with my big personality. They tell me I have some big shoes to fill, & I’m up for the challenge!

Hi! I’m Denver! I live out in the country with my family. I love playing with all my new friends. I have an old brother who naps all day, scary cats who make funny noises when I get too close and chickens running around when I’m trying to go potty. They smell weird but my mom says it’s not as bad as my gas! When I’m not napping or being naughty, I love to play with my squeaky squirrel and scratch at the cabinet where I know all my yummy treats are. I was so excited when Pearl asked me to help all our friends looking for homes. We hope they can all get just as lucky was we did.