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Jess Koscher and Sue McDonald

Cat: Steve – 3 year old, Orange Tabby

From Steve:

Hi, I’m Steve. My moms say I’m “extra” which means I’ve got ADHD. I like to check things out, like how to open the fridge, closets, and drawers. I love spending time in my Catio where I watch the birds and squirrels. I also like to play fetch and I can jump really high. I love visitors and I really like to check out what they bring in their bags. When I’m happy I do barrel rolls and it cracks my moms up. I have a lot of fans on Facebook but my mom Jess refuses to get me my own page. I’d love to win Best in Show so I could help all the homeless cats and dogs. My brother Charlie is my best friend and he was rescued too. We love being adopted and wish all the cats and dogs could have furever homes like us.