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The Krol Family-Mark, Stephanie, Max & Grace

Dog: Patrick Krol – 1 year old Rottweiler

From Patrick:

I’ve had one crazy journey in my year here on Earth! My fur brothers and sisters and I were rescued from a terribly sad situation in Tennessee from the amazing folks at Saving Paws Animal Rescue in Wisconsin. They worked with us to get us healthy and ready for adoption for a new happy life.  I don’t like to think about that but I fondly remember the nice volunteers and foster home with Saving Paws Animal Rescue. My new mom Stephanie found me on She was on the board of directors for the heroic Humane Society of Elkhart County when they started working with that pet adoption matchmaker site that features pets that need a home across the country…very much like So in a way, the Humane Society of Elkhart County lead my new family the Krols to me.  Animal rescue is very important to my family, in fact the dog adoption center is named after my grandpa I sadly never got to meet  Jack Feher since he passed away-this was a nice way people kept his legacy alive at the new Humane Society of Elkhart County.
My new mom Stephanie wrote a letter to the rescue talking about her history in rescue work and passion for pet adoptions/second chances and they needed ME to complete their family. It was love at first site during the road trip they drove all the way to Wisconsin to meet ME (at that time my name was Rod Stewart.) My new family got to say goodbye to my canine mom who wasn’t interested in my litter – she went through a lot so I understand. The good news she was being adopted too-and get another chapter! It was so touching to see my new mom Stephanie hug my canine mom and wish her a wonderful life and promise her she would take the best care of me since I was a Krol now.  As most pups, I had tummy aches and parasite, not uncommon due to the terrible conditions in which I was raised it was very severe. I had a few good weeks then I got very sick. My mom rushed me to Vet ER in Mishawaka after a 6 hour wait we were shocked when the vet called to tell my mom I needed emergency surgery for an intestinal intussusception to save my life and would need to be done by a board-certified surgeon immediately – the vet found a surgeon in the middle of the night and my mom drove me to VCA Kalamazoo where I had a 50/50 chance of survival if I made it to surgery. Well I fought to keep this brand new life and I made it!  After healing a few weeks and being spoiled, I started throwing up again and got sick again- our local vet – my friends at Noah’s suggested it might be my  intestines and I needed urgent surgery – so we were on our way to Kalamazoo when they called to see if I could get to Grand Rapids that night due to complications – so that was another trip to a new city for us during the night, Grand Rapids…so we got there and I defied odds again and became a clinic favorite. Just recently in June I had another complication with my intestines, but they were able to save me once again with a repair even with aspiration and pneumonia as complications. However, a miracle – TLC and great science, I was cleared a week later and was back on the Upper St Joe boating in my skipper seat. I recently went to make new friends at Purdue University to have more people added to my medical team and a new diet since I have a lot of allergies now…my mom says it takes a village. In between my surgeries I graduated puppy and obedience class at Joshica’s Planet Canine. I even took swimming classes there since I love the water and don’t want to sink!  My mom knows I’m going to be a big lovable teddy bear when I’m fully grown up so we added another dog trainer and friend Neika Smessaert,  the Vet Coach, so I can one day visit kids and patients in the hospital as a therapy dog, since I have the magic touch to cheer people up and I know how sad hospital stays can be. I’m enjoying this second chapter of my life, I love to play at Dogtown, go swimming and play tag with my little cousin, fellow rescue dog Winnie, visit my great grandmother in the nursing home and make people smile, patrol my neighborhood, hike in the woods, test new dog toys with mom’s work at Matrix Partner, go boating, take my brother and sister’s stuff animals so they chase me and I’m always making new friends that scratch behind my ears! I’m always by my mom’s side- she calls me a shadow. I also take my brother and sister to school a few days a week – car rides are fun especially when they are not to the hospital. Eck!  In my short life here on Earth, I had so many people love me and believe in second chances. I’m grateful for everyone that volunteers in animal rescue and adoptions to give pets like me a real chance in life. Wags!