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Ashley Lehman

Dogs: Charlie – 8 year old, ShihChon (Bischon and Shih Tzu mix)
Finn – 10 month old, Golden Doodle


From Charlie:

Hello, my name is Charlie and I’m ShisChon. Sometimes my family calls me Chuck for short. I was living the good life for the last 8 years! I was the King of the Castle, the Ruler of the Roost, the Head Honcho…you get the picture… then my little brother Finn showed up! He likes to bother me all of the time! He might be way bigger than me, but I still hold my own and let him know who’s the boss! Anyway, I’m an easy-going dog who loves attention! If you pet me once, you’re now my new best friend forever! I never turn down a treat of any kind, I even love carrots! I’m super good at barking really loud when the doorbell rings or when someone knocks on the door because I think I’m a big protector and will save my family from danger! And did I mention all the ladies love me? They especially love my cute little snaggle tooth!

From Finn:

Hi. My name is Finn and I’m a Golden Doodle. I’m the new guy around the house! I’m not even 1 year old yet. Since joining the family, I love to terrorize my older brother, Charlie. I usually pin him down and bite him or just stand over him since I’m much bigger – he fits right under my belly! I also like to steal his treats before he can eat them. Overall, I’m pretty chill for a puppy but I definitely love to chew on anything and everything! Chewing is my favorite! Some of the things I’m most proud of chewing so far include several throw pillows and some dry wall in one of my parents’ rooms! And I know I’m pretty cute and can usually get away with it. I also really love playing fetch! This summer I learned that I enjoy swimming in the lake and if you throw a ball into the lake I love to go get it! If you give me a treat, I’m going to eat it, but I probably won’t chew it… I’ll just swallow it whole. I think it tastes better that way.