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Andy & Liz Nemeth
Dog: Luna

In Luna’s Own Words:

My name is Luna, but my family sometimes calls me “pepper” not too sure why that is but I come when they call anyways; probably because they have this “Luna voice” that I know requests my attention.

Anyhow, I am a 10 month old Siberian husky, and am growing every day. I find a lot of joy playing hide and seek from mom and dad to fulfill my curious spirit. I enjoy roaming the halls at home but find particular joy in the kitchen where mom cooks, just in case I can sneak a few crumbs away from the table when she isn’t looking. My favorite thing to do is to sit outside in the grass to feel the wind through my fur and pick on all the scents my sniffer finds.

My sister, away at college, tells my dad that I am giving my parents a “run for their money”. I don’t know what that really means, but whatever I’m doing, I’m having a lot of fun keeping mom and dad on their toes. I have a lot of toys, but my favorites always seem to be in mom and dad’s closet where they keep the goodies. I also love to swim, play tug, and catch the ball, but out of everything, I REALLY LOVE MY SLEEP.

Now that I’ve gotten bigger, mom isn’t so keen on me laying on her in bed all night… for some reason she’s always on the corner of the bed about to fall off? I’m not too sure what that’s all about, but all I know is that I get the best sleep of my life. Dad should feel lucky that I sleep so well, because I don’t wake him up in the middle of the night to take me out… you’re welcome.

Overall, being a puppy may be the greatest thing in the entire world- I get to wake up every day and play, play, play. Sometimes I even go to a place called Starbucks where I get something called a “Pup Cup”, which is so enjoyable. I also love car rides because there is so much is going on and I love put my nose out the window. Overall, waking up and spending every day and all day with my favorite people is the best thing ever. What more could I ask for?