Best in Show 2021!

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Jim & Carol McDowell-Loshbough

Dog: Sir Samuel Loshbough – 2-1/2 year old Sharpei

From Sir Samuel Loshbough:

As Sir Samuel, I am well aware of the special place I have in Carol and Jim’s hearts. I love the cottage cheese and whole wheat toast we have for breakfast. I give them serious stares if they are late fixing breakfast!

Asking of my yard? I patrol its boundaries making sure, birds, squirrels, swans etc. know I am in charge. I bring my toys outside, but I am not into sharing them with others.

I love riding in my dad’s truck. I quickly learned how to lower the windows to feel the breeze on my face.

I have routines, I make sure Mom and Dad adhere to, running in the field at work, pup cups-lemon ice cream extra-large please and boat rides at night.

Mom and Dad know I don’t like wet grass, but love drinking out of Mom’s fountains.

Living with Mom and Dad has taught me this is a wonderful world.