Programs and Resources


Food Assistance

Our Pet Food Assistance Program is designed for families who are struggling to make ends meet. Instead of abandoning your animal, come to the shelter and we’ll give you free food for your pet. This program is only for those who can no longer afford pet food.

You can help this program by donating food to the shelter. Call the shelter at  (574) 848-4225 if you are interested in this program.


Community Service

We work with the Center for Community Justice for Community Service support. Through its programs, Center For Community Justice holds offenders accountable for their past actions, while giving them the opportunity to be actively involved in making things right with their victims, their community and themselves. It has been shown that by giving people the opportunity to take responsibility for their actions, and involving them in repairing the harm they caused, fractured lives are restored. The realization of this goal creates a safer and more just community.



The HSEC offers free programs to local schools and civic organizations about animal welfare, responsible pet ownership and much more. If you are interested in any of the programs we offer, please contact the Humane Society to find out more information.