Emergency Veterinarians

Emergency Veterinarians:

Night Owls Wellness + Urgent Care (2324 Grape Road, Mishawaka, IN 46545 | 574-259-8387)

North Central Veterinary Emergency Center (Mishawaka, IN | 574-544-6200)

White Veterinary Hospital (Goshen, IN | 574-533-7745)

Roseland Animal Hospital (South Bend, IN | 574-272-6100)

Magrane Pet Medical Center (Mishawaka, IN | 574-406-2611)

Maplecrest Animal Hospital (Goshen, IN | 574-534-2441)

Law Enforcement Dispatch Non Emergency Phone Numbers

aw Enforcement Dispatch Non Emergency Phone Numbers

For any immediate critical or life threatening need, please call 911

Elkhart Police Department

Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office

Goshen Police Department

Nappanee Police Department

Bristol Police Department

Wakarusa Police Department

Millersburg Police Department

Department of Natural Resources Licensed Rehabilitators

DNR Licensed Rehabilitators:

DNR (Department of Natural Resources) GENERAL INQUIRIES IN ELKHART COUNTY (DiSTRCT 1): 574-457-8092


Low Cost Spay Neuter Programs

Low-Cost S/N Programs:

ABC Clinic (South Bend, IN  574-291-7729):

HOPE for Animals (Ft. Wayne, IN  260-420-7729):

Low Cost Spay Neuter Clinic, Inc. (Scheduled transports):

Pet Friendly Services of Indiana – SNAP spay/neuter services (317-767-7771 you may call to request a paper SNAP application):

Low Cost, Basic Preventative Health Care Clinics

Low-Cost, Basic, Preventative Health Care Clinics:

VIP Pet Care (1-800-427-7973)

VetCo (PetCo) (877-838-7468)

Preventative Health Care of Michiana (574-355-3444)

Vet Care Financial Assistance

Vet Care Financial Assistance:

Fido Fund (Michiana, No Phone Number, must be contacted through Facebook Page)

Care Credit (accepted by Animal Care Clinic North and Noah’s Landing // 800-677-0718)

Pet Food Assistance

Pet Food Assistance:

Our Pet Food Assistance Program is designed for families who are struggling to make ends meet. Instead of abandoning your animal, come to the shelter and we’ll give you free food for your pet. This program is only for those who can no longer afford pet food. You can help this program by donating food to the shelter. Call the shelter at (574) 848-4225 if you are interested in this program.


Live Trap Rental Resources

Live Trap Rental Resources:


Humane Indiana (Munster & St. John, IN | 219-922-3811)

BURNS Rent-Alls (Mishawaka, IN |  574-259-2833)

Four Star Rental (Goshen, IN | 574-533-0445)

Wildlife Emergency Assistance or Conflicts

Wildlife Emergency Assistance or Conflicts:

Mobile Link:
Desktop Link:

Wildlife Removal/Critter Control Services:

Professional Wildlife Removal 574-575-4232

American Animal Control 877-264-3638

What do I do if I find a stray animal?

The Humane Society of Elkhart County will only accept animals found in Elkhart County.

First and foremost, immediately contact the Humane Society at 574-475-HSEC (4732) to file a found report.  Take the animal to the Humane Society or to a local vet office to check for a microchip which readily identifies a possible owner.

Follow up by checking in the neighborhood to see if someone is missing the animal.  You may also contact your local newspaper to see if they run free ads in the classifieds for found animals. There are also social media sites which may post lost and found information.

If you are unable to keep the animal while the owner is located, the animal may be brought to HSEC. When turning in an animal, you will need to provide a valid driver’s license or proof of identification. The animal must have been found in Elkhart County for us to accept it.  Once a stray animal is released to the Humane Society, no further information will be provided to you or anyone else other than the owner regarding the status of the animal.

Individuals who wish to keep the animal at their home after filing a report and having the animal checked for a microchip, may hold onto the animal for up ten days for possible owners to be located. The animal must remain with you and should not be moved from one location to another.  If you do not want to continue to keep the animal for that period of time, you may turn the animal into the Humane Society immediately or before the ten day period ends.  It will be accepted as a stray and no fee will be charged.  After 10 days, it is considered your animal and you would be able to keep or rehome the animal. If you bring this animal to HSEC after the 10 days, surrender fees will occur. Again, once a stray animal is released to the Humane Society, no further information will be provided to you or anyone else other than the owner regarding the status of the animal.

What happens if I release my pet to you?

Before you release your animal to the shelter, ensure that this is truly the decision you want to make and no other options are available.  You may have other friends or relatives who would want to continue to provide a loving home for your animal.

Adopt a Pet and the Petco Foundation have created a Rehome program. You can visit the website at to learn more. Through their website, they will assist you in creating a profile for your pet and also assist in the process of finding the best home available for that pet.

After having exhausted all other efforts, you will need to contact the Humane Society at 574-475-HSEC (4732) to set up an appointment to release your animal.  This allows the shelter appropriate time to accommodate animals coming in other than strays.  We accept animals only from Elkhart County.

On the day your release your animal, you will need to bring your driver’s license or valid ID to confirm you are a resident of Elkhart County.  Also, any vet records you have which provides valuable information about your animal’s vaccinations or medical history are very helpful.

You will complete an owner release form, which will ask for information about the animal that may help us find a new family.  A fee will be assessed for release of the animal and will vary depending on whether or not the animal has aggression issues, has bitten or is extremely ill.

Once you release your pet to us, it is final.  No further information will be provided to you or anyone else regarding the status of the animal.  Upon release, the Humane Society has the right to determine the appropriate disposition of the animal. 

Not all animals admitted to the shelter are considered adoptable.  During the spring and summer months, the shelter admits over 500 to 600+ animals per month.  Some animals may be deemed adoptable and selected for adoption; some may go to other collaborating animal welfare and rescue agencies; some may be sent to foster locations until they can be adopted; and some may not be deemed suitable for adoption and may have to be euthanized.

Are sick and injured animals immediately euthanized?

No. Based on the nature of the illness or injury and sometimes in consultation with the shelter’s veterinarian, we treat a limited number of animals in our isolation and rehabilitation areas.  Depending on the prognosis and adoptability of the animal, there are also limited funds provided by caring individuals to help obtain outside veterinary care for special cases requiring care beyond the scope of the shelter’s inhouse capabilities

How long does the Humane Society keep stray animals that are turned in at the shelter?

Stray animals found in Elkhart County may be turned in by the general public or impounded by law enforcement or Humane Society animal control officers.  Strays may be held for 3 days.  If there is some identification such as a microchip or tag that indicates an animal is owned, the animal may be held up to 10 days.  Animals meeting adoption criteria may be placed in adoption after this holding period.   Adoptable animals stay in adoption until they find their forever homes or during high admission times, may be transferred to one of our 1500+ animal welfare partners.

What should I do if I suspect someone is being cruel to or neglecting an animal?

You may start by calling the Humane Society at 574-475-HSEC (4732).  If you suspect and see signs of evidence that someone is mistreating their animal, or if the animal is in immediate danger, we will request that you contact local law enforcement so that we may coordinate our work with them to address the issue.

You will be asked for your name and phone number, however, your call is confidential.  This information is necessary for our records and would be needed if we work with law enforcement to prosecute a case.

As we investigate cases and work within legal parameters, all information is kept confidential in order not to jeopardize the ongoing investigation and to substantiate any legitimate claims.

Court Appointed Community Service

Community Service (Court Appointed)

We work with the Center for Community Justice for Community Service support. Through its programs, Center For Community Justice holds offenders accountable for their past actions, while giving them the opportunity to be actively involved in making things right with their victims, their community and themselves. It has been shown that by giving people the opportunity to take responsibility for their actions, and involving them in repairing the harm they caused, fractured lives are restored. The realization of this goal creates a safer and more just community. For information about this program, please call our office at 574-475-HSEC (4732). Please note, our Volunteer Program is operated independently of court appointed Community Service. Volunteer hours do not count towards Community Service.

Interested in becoming a HSEC Volunteer? Click to learn more.

City of Elkhart, Indiana - Animal License Application

City of Elkhart, Indiana – Animal License Application

City Controller’s Office – 229 South Second St., Elkhart, IN 46516 – Phone 574-294-5471 | Fax 574-294-8491

Click to download copy of Animal License Application.

Animal Welfare Partners

We work with over 150+ animal shelters and rescues and are always looking for new 501c3 partners. If interested in partnering with us, please fill out this form and email to [email protected]

24/7 Animal Poison Control Center – (855) 764-7661

Expert help is a call away – $75 incident fee applies

Preventing-Pet-Poisonings-Infographic – downloadable pdf

Rabbits as Pets

Why a House Rabbit – downloadable pdf

Resources for Cats

Moving to a New Home – downloadable pdf

Declawing Information – downloadable pdf

Tips for Introducing Cats – downloadable pdf

The Right Way to Introduce a Dog and Cat – downloadable pdf

Litter Box Survival Guide – downloadable pdf

Helping Fearful Cat in New Home – downloadable pdf

Cat Resources for Adopters – downloadable pdf

Resources for Dogs

Preventing Pet Poisonings – downloadable pdf

Crate Training Dogs – downloadable pdf

Moving to a New Home – downloadable pdf

The Right Way to Introduce a Dog and Cat – downloadable pdf

Mouthing and Dogs – downloadable pdf

Introducing your New Dog to your Resident Dog – downloadable pdf

Dog to a New Home – downloadable pdf

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