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Krista and Jay Riblet

Dogs: Charlie – 3 year old, English Cream Retriever
Henry – 1-1/2 year old, English Cream Retriever

From Charlie:

My name is Charlie, and this is my little (full) brother Henry. I arrived at my home almost 3 years ago and things were great. I quickly became a spoiled dog and will definitely let you know when I am not getting enough attention. I formed a quick bond with my family and loved all the activities we would encounter. My Parents got to spend a lot of time with me because shortly after I got home, they got to work from home because of the pandemic. (Mom says that’s why I am so spoiled.) Things were going along well until one day in February 2021, about a year after I arrived. My parents arrived home one evening with my little brother Henry. I wasn’t so sure what to think at first, but we quickly formed a great bond.

We are from the same mother and father and are 13 months apart in age. Henry also quickly fell in love with our new family and things got interesting real fast. Although Henry is more into cuddling and I tend to do my own thing, our different personalities are what make us so cool. Don’t get me wrong, we love to wrestle and tear things up around the house just as much as any other dogs. Sometimes we are being crazy puppies, and other times, Henry is usually cuddling our humans, and I am acting like a drama queen.

When we aren’t hanging around the house, we love chasing balls on the tennis courts, going on walks around the neighborhood and (our favorite) taking boat rides and swimming in the river. We also have some pretty cool dog-friends in our neighborhood that we enjoy visiting. Though I think we would both agree that the best thing in our lives is when we just hang out with our big brothers Will and Johnny.