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When on calls, if our Animal Control Officers find loose animals with tags and microchips, they will try and return the animal to it’s home before bringing the animal to HSEC.

This helps frees up space at HSEC, relieves the stress on the animal and reduces kennel fees. Proof of current rabies vaccinations is required to reclaim your animal.

If the animal has no tags, microchip or outdated contact information, the animal will be brought to HSEC for reclaim.
Click for a current list of animals at HSEC waiting to be reclaimed

Please take a moment and confirm that your pets microchip information is correct.
Click to check your microchip number

Are they wearing tags that are legible and current? Help us get your animal home safe!


We are available to implant microchips in your pets, please call us at 574-475-HSEC (4732) to schedule an appointment.